Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Missions Misunderstood

I have taken up a new hobby lately. It happened by accident, but the more I dig and look the more I read. The more I read to more I want to keep reading. SO what is this new hobby you ask? Well I have discovered the world of reading other blogs that come from young leaders in the SBC. I will post the links to some of those blogs soon. I'm still searching and finding new ones almost daily.

But for now I want you to check out this blog - Missions Misunderstood.

The post speaks to the sad state of missions right now. The people in power who control and send the missionaries are no longer interested in creating indigenious churches. They are interested in creating SBC megachurches overseas. Is that really the best way to start a true church planting movement? This missionary pleads for more "regular" people to come to the mission field. "It seems to me that the best way to avoid the influence of the American Christian religion and subculture on the churches we plant is to stop exporting it through our personnel." - WOW - It's true... some of the most effective people I knew on the mission field didn't come over as pastors or previous ministers. They were people who were businessmen and women who were completly engaged in the lives of the people that they were living among.

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