Monday, November 14, 2005

A Culinary Equivalent to Mount Everest

I don't have many blog readers. Which is completely fine because I don't really post that much. But I wish I would have been blogging throughout this whole process. So first, let me describe the process. Last Saturday Georgia played Auburn. The game was in Athens and under the lights. It was our first true night game since Clemson 2002. By now we all know that Auburn won on the scoreboard, but they did not beat us. Georgia completely beat themselves. Well, it wasn't even the mistakes by the players that so much beat us. The players did what was asked of them. It is what was asked of them that was soooooo frustrating. Let me was coaching... again.

Prior to all of that excitement under the lights in Sanford stadium there was a GREAT tailgate at the coliseum. It was most of the usual suspects. But we had plenty of time to enjoy all aspects of the day. Now I know that the tailgate should never become more important than the game. If that ever happens I will hang my hat up. The focus is always what happens between the hedges.

But this day was a special tailgate. With the help of a small village I was able to conquer my culinary Everest. So without any further adieu let me introduce the Turducken. Another friend of mine had a nice preview of the turducken event. It seemed as if the turducken was everywhere last weekend. It was on Fox News, and other news outlets. It was even a feature in the November issue of National Geographic.

So I now present to you the turducken that will go down in history. After three days of preparation and 14 pages of instructions... I did it!!

It all started with a deboned chicken. I wish I could have had more pictures of the deboning process. Maybe I can get some at Thanksgiving.

A deboned duck

Have you ever seen a deboned turkey?

Chicken stuffed with andouille dressing

Stuffed Duck

This is a chicken in a duck. And a duck in a turkey. Surrounded by cornbread stuffing and andouille stuffing.

I present to you the TURDUCKEN!!!

After a friend rescued me, we were able to tie this bird up to allow it to actually fit in the smoker.

This is what a turducken looks like after 15 hours on the smoker. And yes it reached a safe 170 degrees at a mere 11 hours of smoking.

It was like cutting through warm butter

Look at those beautiful layers

The Carving of the Tri-Poultry

NOBTS Updates

If you are wondering how the recovery process is going on campus...I have a link that would interest you. Please visit this site for weekly updates about the campus and see how the rebuilding and cleaning process is going.

NOBTS Restoration

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Burdens of past limit New Orleans’ future

Finally!!! A real article about what's going on in New Orleans. This is the reason why the city will never be rebuilt to the way we knew it Pre-Katrina.
Please read the whole article. It makes more sense now knowing that Nagin was elected with no prior politcal experience.

Burdens of past limit New Orleans’ future