Monday, May 19, 2008

Developing Country Checklist

We've been here almost 24 hours. Let's run through a few things that are standard when traveling to developing countries.

1. Roosters - Of all of the places I've been I'm starting to believe that I pack the roosters in my bags. They were crowing this morning at the crack of dawn. Luckily I have a wise friend who told me to bring earplugs.

2. Crazy driving with no rules - Lines mean little in places like this, however they do obey the traffic lights. But be careful crossing the street.

3. Bars on windows - You just can´t capture the overall charm of bars on windows and doors on film. It´s something you must experience.

4. Water - As is the case in most of the world, don´t drink water from the tap... not even to brush your teeth.

5. Gracious hosts - I´m sure the first thing I will notice when I return is how unfriendly most Americans can be (and that probably applies to me too). Our hosts have been wonderful and the food has been great. Well I guess the best part is that I haven´t had to eat rice and beans... yet.


6. Taxi Drivers - They hoot for no apparent reason and the universal signal for turning is to wave your arm up and down out the window.

7. OK - It truly is the most universal word in the world. Ok can get you a long way... but nodding and saying ok may lead you into trouble:)

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