Monday, May 12, 2008

One week left and counting...

I think I'm now about 6 days away from departure and I still need a few shots and to get some medicine. Hmm. This trip really snuck up on me. I've got some reading to do and I need to get a Spanish phrase book. Well at least I can tell people where I'm from and ask for the bathroom.
Needless to say it's another crazy week at work and a busy weekend again.
I'm also taking names of volunteers who want to help me pack.
I hate packing. I hate packing alot. This one time I was moving from Uganda back to America and I couldn't even deal with packing so my awesome room mate basically did it for me. I hate packing.

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LJ said...

Hey maybe you can offer a light packing 101. Some people really could benefit.....especially heavy packers like me. I am trying to downscale for my cruise. I always take too much stuff. Have fun.